I couldn't breathe without air conditioner.

Everybody tells me that once you hit a particular age, you no longer have heat flashes.

I am hear to tell you they are wrong.

I went through menopause as well as had heat flashes when I was in my fifties. I am now almost seventy as well as the heat flashes have returned. They are worse than I remember in my fifties, as well as almost unbearable at night. My partner gets angry because I open the window in the middle of the night to get some air, however it’s the only way I can breathe. When he started complaining, I put the window air conditioner component in as well as turn the air vents toward me. I was suddenly sleeping again, as well as I could breathe. My heat flashes not only make me sweat as well as become anxious, however they lead to panic attacks. I can’t breathe, as well as everything in my body is shaking. With the air conditioner, I can turn the temperature control entirely low, as well as I am more comfortable. The heat flashes don’t go away, however they are bearable. The cool air hitting my face, makes me feel like I am out in a blazing sunlight with high humidity. It isn’t like I am going to spontaneously combust. My partner complains about it being freezing in the dining room now that I have the air conditioner on, although I don’t care. I gave him an electric blanket, as well as my associate and I are both able to sleep. My doctor says the heat flashes should pass fairly quickly, however I’m not taking the chance. I will have my air conditioner running even if it’s fifty in the house. Just the breeze blowing over me makes me feel better.

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