I get lots of deals because I’m an HVAC technician

I get lots of deals because I’m an HVAC technician here in town.

  • You wouldn’t think that being an HVAC technician would make you famous or anything, but the truth is that here in the small town where we live, everyone knows just about everyone else.

That is how it is with me as one of the HVAC technicians at the town’s only heating and cooling company. Everyone around here knows me as the skinny guy who works on heating and cooling systems. The reason they call me that is because the other HVAC technician who works with me is short and chubby. I’m tall and skinny, and so people always know which one of us it is by a simple description of us. Anyway, sometimes it’s nice to be well known because sometimes people will give you discounts and great deals because they are trying to get you to give them something in return, like a discount on a heating and cooling system or some kind of HVAC tune up. It’s pretty interesting sometimes to see what people will do. The last time that we were looking for a new car, I ended up getting a great deal on my car because the guy who was selling it to us was going to be getting a new central air conditioning system installed in his house next month. I guess he thought that if he gave me a good deal on the car, then I would give him a good deal on his air conditioning installation. I guess that’s how it works in small towns.

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