I hired a landscaper to try and hide the air conditioner device

I hired a landscaper to work on our yard because my friend and I have the ugliest looking air conditioner device right in front of our house! I don’t know why in the world the builder decided to put it right in front of the front porch, but that’s what she did.

I know that’s one of the reasons I never became a builder and she did. I never did a great task with design work at all and from the looks of it, neither did he! This woman who built our house, whoever she is, did a lot of odd things around here. The air conditioner device that’s right in front of the home is just one of the things that she did that didn’t make all that much sense. I mean, I’m delighted to have central air conditioning in my house, don’t get me wrong. I would never have bought a home without central air conditioning in the first site, but I just don’t understand why they didn’t put the air conditioner device behind the garage or somewhere else where it would not be so noticeable first thing when you pull into the driveway. The other odd thing that I have noticed is the way that they sited the air vents here and there throughout the house. Some of the air vent sitement literally makes no sense at all. There are air conditioner vents right outside of the living room doorways, and more air vents just inside of the living room doorways on the ceiling. It’s crazy, if you ask me. I have no idea why they thought that these things were good ideas when they were getting the home built!



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