She must get a heating mat, a heating pad, and a self-heating rock

Daisy must get a heating system for the frog that she purchased at the reptile show last weekend.

  • She was not planning to get a pet at all while she was there, much less a frog that is strenuous to keep alive in captivity.

When her daughter started begging to get this frog, Daisy had no idea what keeping a frog alive actually entailed. Apparently, these little frogs are nearly impossible to keep alive when you want to keep them as pets. She had no idea that was the case until it was too late and now she owns a frog. Daisy can’t take him back because the reptile show doesn’t even come back for another two months so she is literally stuck with him. She doesn’t want him to die, either, or her daughter will literally waste away from sadness. Daisy has done so much research on this frog that now she feels like she is an expert or something. She is going to have to go to the pet store and spend a small fortune on things for this frog. Daisy must get a heating mat, a heating pad, and a self-heating rock. These little frogs have to stay super warm or else they will get sick and die. Her daughter is going to help spend money for all of this heating unit out of her allowance, too, because it’s all going to cost more. Daisy knew that she wasn’t planning on it being this much, however she didn’t know that the heating system was going to be so high-priced.

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