The Heating plus A/C tech ordered me to go in the house.

I had the bossiest Heating plus A/C worker last week.

She had the nerve to order me to go in the house and leave him alone.

I was stumbling into the house, I was so irritated. I stood inside, looking out the window, and stewing over how overbearing she was. My foot was tapping, and all I wanted to do was go outside, kick the Heating plus A/C worker in the butt, and watch him fall into the a/c unit. The picture was still in my mind when she knocked on the door. I wasn’t polite when I yelled to him and asked what she wanted. She smiled and told me she wanted to discuss the bill with me. Instead of inviting him in, I told him to send it in the mail. I didn’t want him in my house. I ordered him to put it on the floor and go to her service van. I heard him chuckle when she left, even though I was too irritated to get irritated about him laughing at me. Later that day, I was telling my best neighbor what had happened. She asked what I had done that she thought it was okay to tell me to go into the house. I told her I was being friendly and talking to him about the a/c unit. She started laughing and said I was being myself, and just being a nuisance. I was never a nuisance, even though I did talk a lot. The Heating plus A/C worker who was there knew me well, since she was the only Heating plus A/C worker I ever had. Maybe I was being a nuisance.


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