Trying to concentrate while getting my boiler fixed

I haven’t woken up feeling so rested in a long time.

  • I got more sleep than I usually do, and my body and mind feel better for it.

My partner went to the animal shelter with the dogs, and I had to stay at home to do my online work. As I was having my coffee, I tried to turn on my phone, but for some reason, I couldn’t remember my PIN. I tried a few combinations, and with three strikes, I was out. My only option was to enter my PUK code, which I could not remember either. My phone was blocked, and I got very angry. The doorbell rang, and it was the HVAC technician coming in to fix the boiler. I let him in with a long face and let him get on with his work. I turned my computer on and attempted to make progress with my work for the HVAC business. However, I couldn’t get very far because the noise the tech was making was incredibly distracting. I put on some relaxing background jazz music for work, but the noise was just too annoying. I went to talk to the heating repair technician. He told me there was a malfunction with the gas valve and that he would soon get it fixed. I decided to take a break and go for a walk. I stopped by the local business for a coffee before coming back to the flat. I was glad to find that my boiler had come back to life. The HVAC tech smiled and told me how important it is to have my heating equipment serviced regularly. I smiled back and thanked him for his work.


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