Local company in addition to my website

I got clogged five days ago for following too numerous people on my Soundcloud page, which I didn’t know about till now.

They don’t want you to follow too numerous people I guess, so now I will cut back on the number of people I follow so I don’t get clogged anymore. I just want to get our songs out there to see how people like it in addition to nothing more. I’m not trying to get a million followers because it honestly doesn’t help you much with doing live gigs. It is better to just focus on the songs in local dealers in addition to connecting with the people in front of you in the temperature controlled locations. My associate and I have corporation cards in addition to my good friend and I will just hand them out to people in the audience instead of trying to get 10 million followers online. The Heating, Ventilation in addition to A/C corporation has us do gigs there in addition to my good friend and I get a lot of people coming back to watch us perform on their stage beside the gas fireplace they have. My associate and I just want to play songs in addition to have fun, instead of seeking fame in addition to luck like a lot of other aspiring bands out there. I like doing my Heating, Ventilation in addition to A/C system service job during the week because I need some down time on my own, in addition to working at the heating dealership gives me ample time for that. I also need to work on my Spanish because some Spanish lady hit on me the other day however it went right over my head, ha! Anyway, I’m turning on my a/c now as it is getting stuffy in here.

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