Sore throat from bad indoor air quality

I just got rid of a nasty cold a month ago and now I have a sore throat once again.

It is frustrating to get it again so soon after just getting rid of it.

I feel I have been eating too much sugar and it lowered my immune system, causing me to option up this virus or bacteria so abruptly once again. I just tossed out this jar or pasta sauce because it had like 40 grams of sugar in it and tasted like sweet ketchup. They put way too much sugar in these sauces and the local supplier that sells them should try to buy healthier sauces like this local supplier who sells sauces nearby. I also got some bread that is packed with sugar, so I feel that is going to the trash as well. I will shop at the air conditioned health food store later and buy a bunch of fruit and veggies from the current supplier who gets organic produce. I will go through my cupboards and fridge and get rid of any other stuff that contains sugar… The HEPA filter worker told me that you have to be definitely diligent about this because the local suppliers sell tons of stuff with hidden sugar in it. I kind of got lazy about not eating sugar and now I am going to go back to my routine of not eating any sugar at all. The Heating, Ventilation plus A/C tech near me hasn’t had sugar in a couple of years since laboring at the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C supplier and she hasn’t been sick at all.

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