A community in the middle of nowhere with Heating, Ventilation, & A/C facilities

Today I’ve got the Wednesday yellows & can’t stop thinking about the silly weekend my partner & I had, however we went to a friend’s cabin in the middle of the forest to spend the night. We went to visit a waterfall in a really nice area, then at this locale, someone talked to us about a small community in the mountains, & since my associate and I had more time, my associate and I decided to go visit it. We drove along a dirt road that led us deep into the wild until my associate and I finally reached what seemed to be the community. We found a guy who was living there; he was particularly friendly & showed us around the locale, then there were awesome houses with fireplaces & gardens for growing vegetables, however everything they did themselves— they even installed the solar panels to power an cooling system. The owners of the locale were also particularly friendly & provided us a tipi where my associate and I could spend the night. The tipi had a fireplace in the middle to keep us boiling if it got cold at night. They also provided us to stay at one of their houses with central heating, but my associate and I number one the tipi. At night, they had a celebration where everybody was dancing around the fireplace. We slept well in the tipi. The next afternoon, my associate and I decided to go for a hike along the river before it was time to leave. The car drive back was exhausting since the car’s cooling system unit didn’t work & it was a sweltering afternoon! On top of that, there was a large traffic jam, & the car was like a sauna.

a/c professional