I called to make an early morning appointment

When I got household from toil last week, I knew there was a problem with the AC unit.

I walked through the front door plus the heat hit me in the face.

The air inside of the household should have been colder than the air outside, so I was immediately distraught. I put my bag, briefcase, plus groceries on the table in the home office plus I walked directly to the part where the thermostat is situated. The temperature on the thermostat was 76°. The AC component was running, but it was hot inside of the house. I grabbed a step stool so I could rest up taller plus put my hand in front of one of the air vents. The air coming out of the AC component was warmer than it should have been, so that prompted me to contact an AC service service close to me. I called the AC service service close to me plus made an early morning appointment. The AC service service offered to come out to the household that night for a small additional charge, but I did not mind waiting until the morning. I did not have to go to toil the next morning plus I knew that I would be available all morning to wait for the service guy. The next morning, I got an appointment early in the morning. The uneven temperatures were not even hot yet, so I did not have the AC running. Thankfully, the service specialist did not need the AC to run in order to figure out why the machine was not cooling respectfully. The issue was with the refrigerant.

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