One More Hour to Go and It’s Spanish Time

I’m just going to work one more hour and then do my Spanish practice with a friend as my eyes are getting tired of working online. I’ve been staring at this screen for too long and my eyes feel like they are crossed. I know it isn’t good to be looking at a screen for too long so I am going to get offline soon and get outside. I need to learn to type with my eyes closed and save my vision. Another option would be to get a good voice typing app for my laptop. This local business near me sells the latest software and I’ll see if they have any voice typing software. I have to write a lot of HVAC equipment articles each day and would love it if I can just speak the words with my eyes closed and resting. If they don’t have a good one on the market yet I bet within a couple of years they will. The HVAC company where I work has me working online a lot with writing and if I could do it by voice it would be so much better for my eyes. I’m sure that with the technology we have out now there is something that can translate from voice to words fairly efficiently and error free. If they can make a smart thermostat they can make some software to make spoken words into written words. Maybe it is already out there and I don’t know about it yet. I can ask my HVAC company if they know anything about the topic.


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