Stopping by a fast food restaurant with a broken cooling system

Recently, I was going to visit a friend’s condo a couple states away.

I was trying to make the trip with as few stops as possible.

I decided to only stop for gas plus restroom visits. Still, the trip was eight hours, plus I assume I underquoted my need to eat something huge. At about hour six, I could not take it anymore plus I turned on an exit that had a fast food restaurant I was typical with. It was late afternoon, but for some reason, the drive-thru was jammed with cars, so I went inside. I’m sorry I did. There was no cooling system in that site! I had just read on my car’s outside thermometer that it was 98 degrees outside! Were they insane? The workers back behind the counter had nothing more than fans keeping them cool, which were blowing around the stuff in their workspace. The currencyier had beads of sweat dripping down her brow. I thought about the very real opening of sweat dripping onto my food from some awful worker back there. I was already starting to sweat plus I hadn’t been inside the building for more than two minutes! I contemplated my chances in those few seconds that I was ordering, plus getting back into the air conditioning of my car seemed much more preferential than spending another instant in that site! I offered the currencyier a look of sympathy plus quietly said I decided I wasn’t hungry after all, plus then walked back out the door. I wondered if it wasn’t better for the manager to simply close the venue down instead of forcing the workers to make food plus serve people in such terribly hot conditions!

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