The office party got a little out of control

Every year my office has a Christmas party plus it is usually on the first Thursday or Sunday while in the month of December, usually all of our spouses or significant others are invited to the party! The office manager has the shindig catered, so my pal and I usually get food from a Mexican restaurant or Chinese food locale nearby, however my fantastic friend and I had a little bit of alcohol plus beer at the party along with wine.

This year the office party got a little bit out of control after a up-to-date employee got drunk, but very few of people told the guy to slow down when he was doing shot after shot of alcohol, but he was trying to put on a show for everyone.

The guy got stuck in the elevator plus my pal and I had to call for repair, and while the repair staff supplier was there, my pal and I had a complication with the heating situation, however i recognize the issue was due to the old age of the boiler plus the radiators. The radiators are about 40 years old plus they have some rust. They should be replaced by now, however the supplier that owns this building is cheap. The repair staff supplier was able to figure out the complication with the heating situation. The rest of the night went by separate from any additional problems. The party finally died down around 11:30 at night. I stayed to help the office manager clean up everything from the party. My fantastic friend and I got out of the building around 12:30 plus I finally got property around 1:00.



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