Today my buddy and I are playing music at the local business

Man do I feel good after some early exercise in the morning.

I like to go for a jog around the city park nearby as soon as I wake up.

This helps to improve my mood and makes me feel like I deserve my breakfast. Working on the computer is very mental work, so it’s good to connect with the body before work. They are fixing the water pipes in the building today, so there’s no running water coming from the tap. In fact, I had to go and buy a five-liter bottle of water at the store so I could wash after exercise! I wish someone would come and fix the air conditioning unit also, as the temperature is soaring now that summer has arrived. My mother-in-law asked me to look into air purification systems too, as she’s been having some respiratory issues and improving the indoor air quality with an air purification system would help, according to her healthcare professional. After I’m done with my work, I will get on the climate-controlled train and head to my favorite seaside town to have lunch at the beach. After that, I might meet with my HVAC tech pal to play music near some local businesses. Then we’ll have a beer at a venue with a cooling system while we watch the sunset. Summer has arrived, and with that comes the influx of tourists. This means more money for us. In fact, my pal thinks he can soon quit his HVAC job and do music instead. After all, why would anyone install heating and cooling equipment all day if they have other options.


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