Too Much Fun Last Night with Friends

Whew, I am pretty rinsed today, in other words, I had a few too many last night and I am paying for it today. Last night was Friday night and we all hung out on the paseo along the beach till almost midnight. It was a great time but today I am moving a bit slow. I need to drink a lot of lemon water and flush my system out so I can do it again tonight, Not! Tonight I am going to have a quiet night at home and let the body, and organs, rest for once. The local business which sells produce is open today and I am going to buy a bunch of healthy fruits and veggies and be good to my body. I’ll do some HVAC equipment writing for a couple hours and then go find some good friends to spend time with. I’m also working on my Spanish so I can talk more with the locals, which I have been getting better at doing but still need to improve. The heating and cooling business hired me to work part time and I learn some Spanish there each day. I think that after this winter is finished and summer comes around I’ll be very proficient at the language. Then I can work full time at the HVAC business and help the local customers with their questions and issues. I really want to help people program their smart thermostats because I am really good with the new HVAC technology. This winter I am going to push myself a lot and I’ll be all set.

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