We had a complication with the radiant heated flooring

It should have been warm, but the ground was cold

The fitness center has an replaced heating system that includes radiant heated flooring. Warmth from the radiant heated flooring moves from the ground up. The fitness center does not have a bunch of air vents all over the place. They have radiant heated flooring for the winter time time & ductless AC units in each one of the separate workout areas. There are two ductless AC units in the main part of the fitness center where all of the machines are located. There is also a ductless AC machine in each one of the fitness rooms. Not that many of weeks ago, my buddy and I had a complication with the radiant heated flooring. It was really cold inside of the building when I opened the office that afternoon. I checked the temperature control & it was much lower than it should have been. I got down on the ground & laid on the floor to see if it was warm. I laid down on the ground in a couple of separate places. It should have been warm, but the ground was cold. I instantly contacted the commercial Heating & Air Conditioning repair business that handles all of the problems for the fitness center. My wonderful friend and I have one commercial Heating & Air Conditioning business that my buddy and I respectfully use & then there are a couple of others if the first place is busy. The original place was not busy, thankfully, so my buddy and I got a repair professional out to the fitness center right away! Once they recognized & pinpointed the problem, it was relatively self-explanatory to get the radiant heated flooring back up & running.



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