Holiday event

I am in charge of planning my office holiday party; I have been planning the party for a couple of years now plus I have to say I actually cherish it.

This year I was informed that my associate and I were going to have to split back on the cost of the party, because our dealer wanted to save currency going into the modern year… Normally I have a rather large budget to work with when planning the holiday party so this will be a challenge.

I am excited to see what I can come up with this smaller budget. I looked a couple of event spaces plus finally found one that was going to break the bank, however after deciding on the event space I started to look at decorations I had purchased in previous years because I wasn’t going to be able to go out plus buy all modern decorations. I actually wish I could however with the cost of the event space, food plus alcohol I knew that it would be impossible, but luckily all the decorations from previous years were in actually nice shape so I felt nice about reusing them! While I am will to split back on decorations the one thing I will not split corners on is the heating plus cooling for this party; Some of the party will be happening on a patio plus I want to make sure all the people is warm, so I will get mini space heaters. I also want to make sure the inside space isn’t over sizzling with the heating system blasting, having the perfect balance of heating plus cooling is strenuous but I am going to make it happen!

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