Putting on makeup in the right temperature

One of my most favorite things to do these days is put on makeup.

However you cannot put on makeup if it is not the right temperature.

I have tried to put on makeup when it is cold. If I put on makeup when it is cold I shiver. I tend to do a lot worse job. Because I do not want to move. I am so cold and my muscles tighten. So it makes it very difficult to put on makeup. Also my nose gets very red. So I tend to put on more foundation on my nose. Then it looks really weird. So I do not like to put on makeup when it is cold. The same goes for when it is too warm. If it is too warm my face tends to be more sweaty. I have to make sure that my face is very dry before putting makeup on. If my face is not dry the makeup will not stay on my face. I cannot have it be so warm that my makeup just melts right off my face. I might as well not put makeup on at all at that point. I love makeup too much to not put it on. So I always have to make sure my house is set to the right temperature. I always check the thermostat 10 minutes before I do my makeup. I always have to make sure that it is the perfect temperature to put makeup on. I wouldn’t want to put my makeup on the wrong way.

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