Brother has emergency air conditioning system problem

When the iPhone was ringing in the wee hours of the morning I knew it could only be my sibling.

He likes to call me at the most inconvenient of times.

I was tempted to just ignore the call but, alas, I could not, sure enough, when I picked up the iPhone he started telling me about the air conditioning system problem he was facing. I am an Heating and Air Conditioning worker by trade, so he likes to ask me about his Heating and Air Conditioning troubles. I would rather he would just call an Heating and Air Conditioning company instead of bugging me all the time. My pal and I both know this would cost him a lot of money though. So, usually, I do not mind helping him out with a few things here as well as there. There are times when it can be a burden though as well as there are reasons the Heating and Air Conditioning companies charge such high prices for emergency calls. No one wants to labor on an Heating and Air Conditioning system in the middle of the night; Despite this, I went to help my sibling out. His a/c wasn’t working as well as it was particularly hot in his house. Apparently he cannot sleep without the a/c working. He told me all about it while I was assessing the situation. The first thing I checked was the control component as well as then I laughed when I saw that the batteries were dead. I updated the batteries as well as the a/c started right up. Now I can go back apartment as well as try to get a few hours of sleep before going in to my real job where I repair a/cs for real money. My sibling didn’t even bother to offer me a carona or anything for all the help I gave him.


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