Here are the odds?

My hubby travels frequently for his job, but actually, I have enough family plus friends nearby that I don’t mind all that much, however but I am absolutely cheerful to have him back property again, it does seem, though, that if something is going to go wrong, it occurs while he is out of town, then for example, just Last year the water line to the refrigerator leaked during the night.

By the time I realized it, enough water had soaked through the kitchen floor into the basement to completely ruin the living room drywall plus rug.

Another time while he was gone a branch broke during a windstorm, landing on the roof plus causing a honorableamount of harm. But the most memorable event during his absence was when the A/C broke. Again, what are the odds that this would occur 1) while he was gone, plus 2) during a long heat wave? The Heating plus A/C contractor that I called was so busy with service labor for other peoples’ Heating plus A/C problems that I had to wait for two mornings before he could come! So the kids plus I spent much of the time in our basement during the afternoon, plus with fans toiling overtime in the living rooms at night, however when the serviceman finally arrived, he explained that during heat waves, all the people runs their A/Cs constantly, often setting the thermostats to absolutely cold hot plus cold temperatures. And just like any other mechanical object, lots of use leads to lots of wear plus tear. I swiftly agreed to a full service appointment, since my associate and I had never arranged for official service to either the boiler or the A/C, but now that the Heating plus A/C system is repaired, I wonder what catastrophe I can expect during my hubby’s next trip!