Milk in the air duct

We had this customer maintenance rep who used to labor for us.

I say that he used to labor here because we fired him 2 weeks ago.

My associate and I had to. He was just terrible. He did things like flirt with the female clients and female coworkers, show up late almost every single shift, and he had honestly poor hygiene. I mean this guy just stinked bad all of the time. So, finally enough was enough and we fired him. However, about 2 afternoons after he was fired we observed a honestly bad stink start to develop in the office, people joked that the fired man’s ghost was haunting us. But that isn’t possible. My associate and I fired him. My associate and I didn’t kill him. Another afternoon passed and the stink got honestly bad. It seemed to be coming from the Heating and A/C vents. My associate and I had to turn off the air conditioner unit and use fans instead. That helped for every room except the customer maintenance room, then finally, a local Heating and A/C company came out and took a look at our air duct. They found the stinky concern right away. Apparently the guy we fired put a small milk bucket in the air duct before he left. He must have unscrewed the vent cover, sited the open bucket of milk inside, and then closed the vent back up. I guess he did this while cleaning out his desk. Whatever the case, it was intentional and gross. From now on, we will have to watch people disinfect out their desks before they leave for the final time. I don’t want a stinky Heating and A/C system again.

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