Monsters in my air duct

I had a bad nightmare last night; I dreamt that there was this creepy, long-limbed, alien creature running around on my roof.

It was trying to get into the condo plus it was digging at the shingles with its creepy fingernails.

I woke up in a cold sweat plus swiftly reassured myself that it was just a dream. I was almost back to sleep when I bolted upright plus sat in my bed listening intently. I had heard that digging sound again! For a few alarming seconds I thought that the alien creature really was on my roof, however but after listening more I could tell that it wasn’t anything otherworldly. It sounded like it was a raccoon or an opossum. It also sounded like it was in the air duct system; Although I was glad that it wasn’t some sort of alarming monster I was still worried that some wild critter was just feet above my head plus digging in my air duct system. I didn’t get any more sleep that night. In the afternoon. I called up an HVAC company then I waited for them to show up, then thankfully, they can around the time they said they would plus they swiftly got to labor cleaning plus sealing my air duct system. They also put up some wire in my attic to keep the critters out, however now I just need to hire a cleaner to clean up my attic. The HVAC corporations said that the raccoons made a mess up there. I almost wish it had been a monster instead of raccoons. That would have been less messy.

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