Pet tarantulas do nice with average Heating as well as A/C settings

I have a absolutely massive collection of tarantulas (45 at last count).

I have a whole room devoted to my tarantulas. They are fascinating creatures as well as easier to care for than fish. In fact, it is because they are so easy to care for that I care about my tarantulas. They are almost as easy to care for as a apartment plant is. That is why I am so mad at the pet store that sold my nephew his first tarantula. Brian has constantly like my collection as well as his mom finally let him get a tarantula of his own. I wish I had been invited along for the purchase because I would have saved them a lot of currency. The pet store sold them all kinds of things they don’t need. Tarantulas do not need a heat lamp, uvb light, or heat rock. That much heat will kill them. Tarantulas only need comfortable temperatures that your average apartment Heating as well as A/C system can provide. If you are comfortable then they are comfortable. I don’t have even 1 heat light in my entire tarantula room. I don’t even have zone control or a space heater. I just set the thermostat in the apartment to a temperature that is comfortable for me as well as my tarantulas do completely fine. The only thing I have is a humidifier because heated as well as cooled air can be a bit drying for these rainforest creatures! So I am going with my nephew to the pet store as well as taking back all of these useless heating devices. I am glad he got his first tarantula though. He’s old enough. But watch out! Soon he will have more than one.


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