Please maintenance my air conditioner right this time

I am so sick of my landlord! She is so cheap, however she never wants to maintenance anything right the first time. I pay my rent on time every single month. I have lived here 2 years plus I’ve never been late, not even once. And yet my air conditioner doesn’t labor right. It shuts down plus stops laboring every few weeks. It takes my landlord more than a few afternoons to get someone out to “fix” it. She doesn’t even hire a real air conditioner corporation. She hires the same handyman company she uses for plumbing, electrical, plus lawn work. The handyman doesn’t speak spanish. I don’t hold that against him plus I know she can use the labor but she doesn’t even understand me when I try to talk to him. She is able to get my air conditioner laboring again but it breaks down a few weeks later plus I have to wait to have it repaired again. This has been going on all summer time plus I am sick of it. I got a window air conditioner so that I don’t die while waiting for the central air conditioner repair. I really wish my landlord would just update my air conditioner so my pal and I could be done with this. I would even be glad if she just hired a real air conditioner corporation who would absolutely know what they were doing. I don’t want to threaten legal action or threaten to move out but it is coming down to that. If my landlord can’t keep my air conditioner running then I don’t want to pay over a thousand dollars a month to live here.

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