Renters destroyed the Heating and A/C system

My last renter destroyed the Heating and A/C system and now I am trying to get them to spend my money to repair it, however i rent out a few houses on the southside.

  • I am careful about who I rent to because I want to make sure that my tenants will love my houses and keep them nice.

All of my tenants know they can call me anytime there is an emergency! However, obviously my last renters saw fit not to ever change the air filter in their Heating and A/C system, when that froze up the air conditioner unit they didn’t call me. Instead, they just stopped using the Heating and A/C system all together. As far as I can tell, they haven’t used their Heating and A/C system in a few years. I didn’t know about the concern until they moved out and I did a walk through and observed where the window air conditioner unit had been removed from a window! Then I tried the air conditioner unit and it did not work. The furnace works however not well, and so I called up my Heating and A/C corporation. They went through my entire Heating and A/C system and said that the furnace could be saved however it is going to require a lot of money and work. The air conditioner unit, on the other hand, is completely burned out. They are suggesting that I update the entire Heating and A/C system. It will end up saving me money in the long run. I am going to go ahead and do that however it is going to take some time. Meanwhile, I can’t rent out this household until it is fixed, and obviously, I am keeping the old tenants’ deposit however it doesn’t cover all of the Heating and A/C repair. So I guess I will have to take them to court if they don’t come up with some sort of payment plan.



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