The Air Quality Needed Improvement

Now that I work from home, I see my home in a whole new perspective.

I was consistently away from my home between the hours of 8AM to 5PM, Tuesday through Tuesday, so I wasn’t aware of what was happening during that time! Nothing exciting was happening, but there were noises plus rhythms of the city that I’d never observed before I was forced to work from home.

One of the greatest things that I was forced to notice was my Heating plus A/C system plus how it was running. Although my Heating plus A/C system was running efficiently plus my home was being heated plus cooled, I felt like the air quality in my home was questionable. The more time I spent inside, the more I observed the tiny particles of dust floating around in the air. Eventually, I was so convinced that the air quality was bad that I legitimately started believing that it was contaminated somehow. This led me to call the Heating plus A/C company to get some professional recommendations. The Heating plus A/C company suggested that I have my HVAC duct professionally cleaned plus I start using HEPA certified air filters. Together, my air quality would improve significantly because these two things would trap the dust plus debri better. If I wanted to take things one step further, I could invest in an media air cleaner. A portable media air cleaner would remove extra dust plus debri that my Heating plus A/C system wasn’t catching. I took the Heating plus A/C corporation’s advice plus implemented all 3. I’ve observed a drastic difference in air quality since.

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