Too sizzling at Thanksgiving

I went back condo for Thanksgiving and I entirely wish I hadn’t.

My family is unquestionably radiorespected when it comes to uncomfortable Thanksgivings.

Politics and socioeconomics come up at every big party. It was even worse this year with the pandemic going on, but not only that, however Thanksgiving was held at Uncle Larry’s home this year, but aunt Larry keeps his thermostat set to 79 degrees obviously. It was so sizzling and uncomfortable. I don’t know the furnace ever kicked off all day long. I could feel my heart pounding during the whole dinner. It wasn’t until I got back to my parents’ home and locked myself in my seasoned living room that I was finally able to relax. My parents keep their thermostat set to a more sensible 72 degrees in winter. So at least my room was comfortable. However, I didn’t feel like talking to my parents at all. Not after what they said during Thanksgiving. I also checked my pulse tracker once I finally was cool and relaxed. I guess all of that heat and turmoil entirely did have my pulse racing. My pulse tracker said I met my exercise goal for the week during that one dinner. I guess it is a great thing that all that food won’t go to my thighs. However, I am not sure it was worth it. Next year I am going to stay home, maybe invite a friend or two, and eat in peace. No political drama and no 79 degree heat. Then I will entirely have something to be thankful for.
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