Weekend furnace repair is not too bad

I don’t like to turn the furnace up to high because it costs money, i usually just use my heated blanket to stay comfortable plus then leave the temperature control set at about 73 degrees.

However, last weekI was sitting on my couch seeing TV plus I noticed that it was genuinely colder in the home than usual.

I could hear the furnace kick on however it felt like the air coming out of the vents with chilly not hot… Upon further inspection, the air was chilly chilly as if it was coming from outdoors; there was little to no heat at all. I called up an Heating & Air Conditioning company immediately plus I also turned off the furnace with the hopes that my home might hold on to some of the heat that was still in it. It took over 6 hours for the Heating & Air Conditioning company to arrive plus I was starting to worry about my pipes chilly. The specialist discovered that there was a switch broken in my Heating & Air Conditioning system; Apparently this switch tells the Heating & Air Conditioning system to either use the furnace or the a/c, then my switch was stuck on a/c even though the temperature control was on heat. Unfortunately, the Heating & Air Conditioning specialist had to go back to her work base to get a modern switch. I distraught that this was going to take another 6 hours however it did not. Thankfully she was back in less than an hour plus got the switch changed out for me. Then my furnace was back on plus my home was heating up once again… Pretty great service for an emergency weekend call, I would say.

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