Author: Alex

The condo that I just bought has perfect a/c

The condo that I just bought has a great a/c. I enjoy my air conditioning, and to me, there is nothing like having a nice cool condo to come dwelling to in the summertime. I just don’t know what I could do separate from air conditioning. I have lived separate from air conditioning before, plus […]

I yelled at the HVAC technician

I yelled at the HVAC technician, and now, I feel bad about yelling at the HVAC technician. I was having a pretty tough day, and I took it out on the HVAC technician for taking too long to fix my central air conditioner. That was what really ticked me off. I was so frustrated that […]

The HVAC technician is creepy

I do not know why I get this feeling, but for some reason, I always feel that the HVAC technician that has been fixing my HVAC units is creepy. At first, I thought that I was just making it up in my mind, but the more that I hire the HVAC technician and the more […]

My neighbor's house is so cold

My neighbor’s house is so cold. I had never been to my neighbor’s house until last night. She invited me for dinner which was really nice of her. I had invited her to my house several times, and she told me that she wanted to invite me over, but it was hard to find the […]