Author: Alex

Simple tricks that make HVAC maintenance easy

Hiring an HVAC technician every month may not be a sustainable way to maintain the unit. What’s more, you only need professional maintenance at least once or twice a year, preferably before winter and summer. Usually, it helps check and test the heating or cooling unit right before the weather changes to an extreme that […]

Air conditioning saved my dog from dying

Most people don’t think about how serious summer heat gets. Imagine how tough it is on a human being and be considerate about your pets. Dogs and cats tend to suffer more when the weather is too hot. Ensuring they have access to a cooling system, probably an air conditioner, can help calm and ease […]

How my air conditioner saved my daughter from summer heat

Children are especially susceptible to sunlight exposure and can easily suffer from heat exhaustion. When this happens, these young ones can exhibit several symptoms that are easy to ignore. Spending too much time under the sun can be dangerous to young kids because they develop headaches, become hydrated, and become nauseated. In some cases, they […]

Insulation goes a long way

One of the easiest ways not to overwork your HVAC unit is to insure your house and all the rooms are well insulated. Insulation ensures that the house is protected in either extreme weather conditions. You are less likely to feel the heat of summer with proper insulation than when your home lacks insulation. On […]

Is a wall heater worth it?

Different people seek to find ideal HVAC systems for their houses. Knowing that your home will be warm enough during winter or cool enough during summer is one of the homeowner’s priorities. Unfortunately, this decision is not as straightforward as many assume. It is not as easy as walking into an HVAC business and picking […]