Author: Alex

Time for Yet Another Painting in the Sky

It’s almost sunset time again here on the Mediterranean coast. Winter time gives us some of the most beautiful colors during and just after sunset with the rolling sunset we have here. The sun goes down at such an extreme angle over here that it gives you this rolling sunset effect, making the colors travel […]

I Need to get my HVAC System Tuned Up

Well, it’s Sunday night and the weekend is slipping through my fingers. I had a fun weekend with my friends and now we are all winding down for another work week ahead. I don’t work that many hours anymore, and I pretty much work a little bit every day so, unlike all of my friends, […]

I Can Never get Enough Chocolate each Day

I have a problem with dark chocolate. I could knock down a whole bar no problem. The only problem with that is the caffeine in the chocolate keeps me up all night long. Some people can drink a cup of coffee before bed and fall asleep easily. I am not so lucky. I wake up […]

It was me or the pig.

For the last six years, I have been an HVAC technician with the local HVAC company. I have loved my job and I’ve never met a client that I didn’t enjoy working with. Last week was a little bit of a change up for me. I got to the house so I could do the […]

I was only looking for a part-time job.

The year I turned 17, I wanted to get a part-time job during the summer. I kept saying that I wanted to travel around the United States after graduation, and having a part-time job is going to give me enough money to be able to afford to travel that summer. Even though I was only […]