Author: Alex

I don’t have a gym anymore

My boyfriend and I recently moved an hour down south. On one hand it has been very exciting. Our house is double the size of what we used to live in. We have two bathrooms, tons of property and are right near my parents. The downside is that my boyfriend and I moved to the […]

How to get an arm work out

Men and women like to work out different parts of their body. Men always seem to target back, shoulder and arms. Women are all about butt and legs. I am no exception. My legs are totally sculpted with muscle. My butt has no fat at all, it is a hard rock. I even have pretty […]

Health and recovery after an accident

I recently got hit by a car when I was on my motorcycle. The guy was texting and didn’t stop quick enough at a red light. His car bumped the back of my bike and I went flying. I ended up really hurting myself. My shoulders especially took the brunt of the fall. I got […]

I need to be able to catch myself

For a long time I simply said I was an academic and I never worked out. I put on a bit of weight as I aged but it didn’t really bother me. I was recently at a conference for work and stayed the night in a hotel room. Getting out of the shower proved to […]

Staying active most of the time

My legs and butt look really toned and I think that is because I am always moving I look really good and I am proud to say that. Basically everything I do is geared towards being healthy and physically fit. While I do work online and sit for it, I only am stationary for that […]

The clingy bridesmaid dress

I don’t know how to properly stretch, warm up or even tone certain areas of the body. My friend Sammy is getting married and asked me to be a bridesmaid. She decided to let us girls pick a different style of dress but in the color she picked. All the options were clingy, short dresses […]

They have let themselves go

On social media the kids I graduated with all love to post pictures of themselves. One thing is super consistent, everyone has put on weight. Most of the kids I know have turned into an adult, fat version of themselves. There are a couple of people I wouldn’t recognize out at the grocery store or […]

Actually learning how to jump rope

In middle school the gym teacher used to get out a box of jump ropes and throw them around the gym. The whole thirty minute class was just us jump roping. I hated the jump rope unit. I frequently would step on the rope or have it hit the back of my legs. The ropes […]