I work at a very old theatre, and I fear it will shut down soon

I happen to be a janitor at the oldest theatre in the town. This is a really nice theatre, but unfortunately, the HVAC system is terribly outdated. There was a time when the temperature control settings weren’t too bad, but now the HVAC system struggles to bring comfort to the place. I think the owners are considering if they even want to invest in a new commercial HVAC system. They need a powerful HVAC system like that to keep such a sizable theatre comfortable. Unfortunately, the theatre doesn’t get nearly as much business as it used to. It’s a shame too because there are plenty of seats and they have some of the best performances. I’m lucky because I get to watch what’s going on for free. I also have a sense of pride in the venue because I know every inch of the place. I work hard to make sure everything stays clean and smells good. I even have put air purifiers all around to help improve the air quality a little bit. I didn’t have to do that, but I care about the air quality especially since I work there on a regular basis. I think I actually spend more time working at the studio than I do spending time at my own apartment. I also have a nice air purifier in my apartment too though, so the air quality is definitely better when I’m at home. I have told the owner a few times he should consider investing in a powerful air purification system, but he says he can’t afford it. I wish business would pick up, but I do believe the theatre will inevitably shut down soon enough.

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Daughter is dating teacher

Sometimes I get nervous that my kids don’t have what they need to succeed in life.

  • I have tried to give them every opportunity for success, but you never know what they will decide to do with every card they’ve been dealt.

In particular, I’ve worried a lot about my daughter. She is a bit… out there… when it comes to real world responsibilities and romance. That’s why it was a massive surprise the day that my daughter expressed her desire to attend the local trade school. I won’t lie, when she talked about indoor air handling devices and HVAC repair services, I was skeptical, to say the least. I couldn’t grasp the concept of my little girl running around AC units in a huge tool belt. I mean, other than touching the thermostat pretty often, I never once saw her near our air conditioner, or furnace. But she went on her merry way, nevertheless, signing up for the local heating, cooling, and air quality control repair courses. I didn’t think it was a bad idea because an air quality control license would always be valuable. But should she work with AC units and furnaces every day? Was she going to be taken advantage of? When she attended her first heating and cooling system repair class, I really expected to hear negative reviews about the heating and cooling equipment and the professor of the air quality control system course. But I was shocked when her complaints never came. In fact, it turns out that she loved her heating and cooling repair courses more than anything… mostly because she was dating the teacher.



Almost time for new AC

The time is finally here, and I’m as excited as I am nervous about my big decision.

I hope my expectations aren’t dashed in an instant.

But… I don’t feel like well-managed indoor air is too much to expect. I just want a pretty basic heating, cooling, and air quality control plan to keep me somewhat comfortable all day long. I aim to be able to adjust the thermostat control device and rely on my high powered AC unit to rapidly alter my indoor air quality. I never knew that indoor air mattered so much before my cooling system broke down, but I hate feeling the hot and sweaty patches all around my house. I feel that humid air and I know for a fact that my indoor air handling equipment is breaking down on me. I can tell you, in the summer time it makes life so uncomfortable to have ever-increasing temperatures that never reach the intended heating, cooling, and air quality control settings that I programmed on the thermostat. I know that my stress levels and health have been negatively affected by the heating, cooling, and ventilation failures. The indoor air temperature and air quality equipment concerns have been affecting my mental health in this summer heat. Getting a new AC system is all that I’ve been thinking about. Finally calling my heating and cooling technician was the best thing I’ve ever done. I’m so excited to be getting a brand new central cooling system installed in my lake home. It’s been a rough few months, but I’ll be able to breathe easily soon… and stop sweating… with my new AC at hand.



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Always serve my HVAC tech coffee

You certainly want to know that your heating, cooling, and air quality control system is in proper working order at the start of every severe weather season.

For instance, before the heat and humidity of summer rolls in, most of us want to have our central air conditioning systems inspected and repaired.

In the fall, it’s a great idea to check out your central heating unit to make sure the furnace and ductwork are in order. This is a huge part of responsible heating, cooling, and air quality control equipment ownership. But, finding a reputable indoor air temperature control dealership to handle the professional repairs and inspections is just as important as making the actual appointment. None of us want to hire a heating, cooling, and air quality control company that doesn’t actually hire excellent heating and cooling workers with licensure in the HVAC field. And once you find a good air quality control specialist, I bet you’ll want to hang onto them. That’s why I always use the same heating and cooling technician in my home. I trust my HVAC worker, and I know he cares for my heating and cooling units. Plus, he’s super efficient. I suppose part of that is due to my insistence on providing him top notch coffee whenever my HVAC technician arrives. I figure, if he’s more alert and jittery, he’ll work harder and faster on my AC or furnace repair. He likes the coffee and I like my HVAC system being repaired in 20 minutes flat. The only downside being, I do have to make sure the bathroom is cleaned for him.

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Dog is terrified of new AC

When I got my dog I thought he was going to be extremely brave and tough.

  • He certainly had the body for it.

Little did I know, he would actually be a huge scaredy animal. And his worst enemy would be… the air conditioning system that we had installed last year at the end of the sweaty summer. Every time the heating, cooling, and air quality control system comes on, you’d better believe that he is out of here. The dog goes absolutely mad, running around the house, barking his brains out, and hiding behind furniture as soon as the high quality indoor air starts flowing. I honestly don’t know what’s come over him, because our old cooling system was not such a terror to the terrier. In fact, he used to snuggle up next to the air vents whenever we had the cooling system operating a few years ago. Since getting a more powerful indoor air handling device, it seems like my pooch has decided that he’s against heating, cooling, and air quality control solutions. I can’t tell you how many times I”ve tried to show him that the cold air feels nice and rapidly reduces his temperature when he’s panting his head off, but the presence of the cold air streaming through our air vents only seems to make him pant more with stress. I’ve even gone so far as to ask our heating, cooling, and ventilation worker if he had any options for silent cooling systems without any flowing air. Unfortunately, until we can afford a brand new heat pump, I don’t believe we’ll be reducing my dog’s heating and cooling distress. At this point, I’m just interested in dosing him with anti-anxiety meds for the entire hot and humid summer.

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The new air filters work very well

My wife and I live in an apartment building.

  • The building has sixteen floors and my wife and I live on the fifth floor.

We have a great view of the city and the harbor. The rent is high, but we have great amenities like an indoor pool on the first floor and a state of the art fitness center. There are no pets allowed in the building at all, but I know that some of my neighbors have animals in their apartments. My wife and I can smell dogs in the ductwork. A couple of months ago, A new neighbor moved into the apartment that is right next to the one where my wife and I live. The lady was in the house for a couple of days and my wife and I heard a dog barking. I think the policy this place has on pets is really awful, so I wasn’t going to tell anyone that I heard dog barking next door. My wife and I decided to keep that information to ourselves. We did not anticipate the dog affecting our day-to-day life, but my wife has been suffering from some allergy symptoms. She has been sneezing and coughing at night and my wife is allergic to dogs. We must have shared ductwork with the neighbor. I decided to go to the hardware store this morning and I bought a new air filter for our heating and air conditioning system. I bought an air filter that is supposed to trap all of the dog hair and dander in the indoor air. I really hope they will provide some relief for my wife.
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I had to buy a blanket on the airplane

I really don’t prefer to travel by airplane, but there are times when it is absolutely and totally necessary.

I had to travel by airplane last December, when one of my sister’s got married.

She decided to have the wedding in a remote destination. I still have no idea why she chose a winter wedding and the snow, but I wasn’t going to miss the festivities. It was very warm on the day that I left for the wedding, but I wore a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. After I got seated on the plane, I regretted my decision entirely. As soon as that air conditioner started running, I started to get bumps on my arms and legs. I was really cold and the lady sitting next to me had the ventilation fan running as well. The air conditioner and the ventilation fan made the aisle of three seats feel like it was 30 degrees. My teeth were starting to chatter when the flight attendant came by with the beverage cart. I ordered a hot cup of coffee. The flight attendant offered me a blanket. I thought the blanket might be free, but I found out that it was going to cost $25. I did not want to spend the money on the flimsy blue blanket with the airline monogram on the side. Unfortunately, I was getting colder and colder and the captain was not going to turn off the air conditioner. I ended up buying the $25 blanket and I was warm for the rest of the flight.



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I fixed the problem with the furnace but it took a couple of days

My wife and I have an old gas furnace in our house, but it works very well.

  • One of the best things about the furnace is the fact that I am familiar with the machine.

I have had the opportunity to fix the gas furnace on more than one occasion in the past. The last time my wife and I had an issue with a gas furnace, I felt certain that I could fix it without the help of a professional. I looked up the answers online and I found a troubleshooting guide to help with the repair. Unfortunately, the first repair did not fix the problem and I had to try again. I spent a whole weekend trying to fix the problem with the furnace and my wife wanted me to give up so she could call the repair service. I felt certain that I could fix the problem if I just had a couple of days to work on the furnace. It was cold outside, but I put a space heater in the bedroom so my wife would not complain at night. It took a couple of days to find and fix the problem with the furnace, but I did eventually find a way to get heat in the house. I know my wife would have been happy if I would have contacted a repair service, but I don’t like to waste money if the machine can be serviced at home. I think too many people give up these days instead of trying to learn about the appliance and how it runs.


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I don't mind long hours of driving on the highway

A lot of people find it terribly boring to drive in the car all day and all night. I am not one of those people. I find it very interesting and fun to spend all day in the car. I used to work as a pizza delivery driver. I had a great time spending all night in my car listening to the radio. I didn’t have to listen to anyone and it felt like I was my own boss. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to pay the bills on a pizza delivery salary. I had to find something else to pay the bills. I really liked being a delivery driver, so I found a couple of jobs delivering items that were different from pizza. One of the jobs that I applied for was delivering HVAC parts. A large HVAC parts company needed someone to deliver parts to all of the small stores in the state. Most of my day is spent driving from one location to the next. I love the job and I never have to interact with anyone now that Covid19 is an issue. I simply drop off the HVAC parts at the front door step and leave. The customer alerts my boss that they have received the items and I am off to my next stop. I drive to a different part of the state every day. One day during the week I drive to the southern part of the state and deliver HVAC equipment to 17 stores and that region. Another day, I drive to the western part of the state and deliver HVAC equipment to an additional 15 stores in that region. I’m never bored and I always have fun at work.



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The customer had a lot of dog hair in the ductwork

The owner of the HVAC company where I work offered a special last month to every new customer.

  • We went to the residence and provided a full indoor air quality check for free.

We gave the customers a report of our findings. Ideally, we wanted the customer to spend money on indoor air quality services such as ductwork cleaning, repairs, and ceiling. We hoped some of the customers would purchase air purifiers or indoor air filtration units. After all, indoor air quality is a concern for many people right now. Sales on indoor air purifiers have been 200 times higher than any other year and I have been with this HVAC company for 7 years. One of the indoor air quality checks that I performed was for a couple of older folks that had seven dogs and 10 cats. As soon as I entered the establishment, I could smell multiple pets in the home. I didn’t have to perform a lengthy indoor air quality check before I could lend some advice to the homeowner. I suggested having the ductwork cleaned and sanitized. I also suggested a couple of other ideas as well, but the customer decided to go with the cleaning and sanitizing services. The customer had a great deal of dog hair in the ductwork. I was surprised by the amount of dog hair. I have three German Shepherds in my home and they shed a lot, but there were piles and piles of dog hair. I had to empty the shop vac three times before I finished getting all of the hair and dirt.



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