The tubes for the radiant heated flooring were late

When you have radiant heated flooring, the heat has to come from someplace.

In my home, that heat comes from a boiler that circulates hot water from the boiler to a network of tubes that are situated under the floorboards.

My Wife and I decided to install radiant heated flooring last July when we made some renovations in our home. The construction part of the job actually was very easy and we didn’t run into a single problem. Unfortunately, when we were getting ready to install all of the radiant heated flooring, the tubes were late. There is a large network of tubes situated under the floorboards. These tubes carry warm water and heat to the floor in our home. My wife and I were supposed to receive all of the tubes before construction on the house started, but they were two weeks late. We had to move a lot of things around so we could work with the contractor. My wife and I almost gave up and decided not to install radiant heat in those rooms, but my wife insisted that we wait. She was the one that wanted radiant heat in those rooms in the first place and I didn’t want to disappoint her since we were making all of the renovations at the same time. There was absolutely no way we were ever going to go back and change the flooring after we were done, so waiting was the only way to get it done. Now that the project is done and completed, I’m happy that we decided to wait for the shipment.

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I thought I could repair the ductwork issue on my own

When my wife and I felt a draft in the spare bedroom, I researched all of the reasons why this might occur.

A lot of people on message boards felt that I might have an issue with the ductwork above the bedroom.

I definitely thought it was worth looking into the duct work, so I went into the attic with a flashlight and a package of duct tape. The people on that message board were 100% correct and there was an issue with the ductwork above that room. Unfortunately, the job was too big for me to complete on my own. I didn’t realize that until I was halfway into the job. I didn’t have the right materials and I was having a lot of trouble reaching some of the areas. I finally gave up and called a contractor to finish the job. My wife wanted me to call a contractor when we first started the project, but I really thought I could repair the ductwork issue on my own and I did not want to waste money that was unnecessary.The contractor brought a partner and both guys took almost an hour to complete all of the ductwork repairs. The guys also found a couple of additional spots that needed tape and sealing. It would have been nice to complete the project on my own, but in the end I was happy to have a trained professional complete the job. It would have taken me all day to get that job done and those guys tackled it in less than 90 minutes.

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Nobody wanted to see the game more than me

My friends and I were excited to go see our favorite hockey team and the playoffs.

Nobody wanted to see the game more than me.

I have been a fan of the hockey team since I was born. My mom and my dad dressed me in a hockey jersey as soon as I was old enough to walk. I played hockey when I was in high school and I even played for a minor league team when I was in college. I was terribly excited when my friends and I got tickets to see the playoffs. I didn’t want to miss the game, but when I got home from work, I didn’t have any heat in the house. I was planning to come back to the house and take a shower and leave, but the house was only 59 degrees when I walked into the door. I certainly couldn’t leave with the furnace not heating, because my wife would be home from work in a couple of hours. I called the heating company and I made an appointment to have a furnace repair technician come to the house. I called my friends and I told them that I was probably going to be late to the game. They were a little upset, but they knew the situation. The heating company technician didn’t finish with the furnace repair until it was late in the second period, so I didn’t even bother going to the game. I stayed at home and I watched all of the game while the heating company did their work.

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We had to wait awhile for the new parts to arrive

I work for a company that handles many different class and ceramic products.

The glass and ceramic products are shaped, sanded, and packaged in our shop.

When the glass and ceramic products are shaped, a lot of dust and debris is released into the air. I am thankful that this place has a fantastic air filtration system. I have worked in a couple of other factories and this one has the best air filtration system by far. Even when I am in the glass cutting room, there is barely any dust or debris in the air. The air filtration unit has a special air filter right by the machine and that cuts down on any extra matter. Last week there was a problem with the air filtration system and the shop was shut down for two days while we waited for the new parts to arrive. It was the first time that the shop ever had to shut down due to a problem with malfunctioning equipment. Usually the electrical engineer or mechanical engineer on duty can handle this type of issue, but the parts had to be ordered from the manufacturer this time. I didn’t know if my boss was going to pay anyone for the two days we missed, so I was happily surprised when I got my paycheck on Friday and it was exactly the same as a five-day work week. I spent the two days off going to the beach and surfing, and getting paid for those two days was just icing on the cake. When I went back to work, I felt rejuvenated and totally energized.

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No one gets free service checks on the HVAC unit anymore

For the past three years, I have been working for the same HVAC installation and repair company. I absolutely love that job. It pays well and I don’t have to work on the weekend. Up until a couple of weeks ago, I also received free service checks on my heating and air conditioning supplies. Those free service checks included a biannual tune-up for the heating and air conditioning unit. A couple of weeks ago, the corporate office hired a new person to handle our district. That person came up with a whole new set of rules and one of them is regarding the free HVAC tune-ups. No one is allowed to perform the service for free anymore. We can’t save on shop supplies and parts anymore either. We can only receive 50% off the standard rates for all HVAC services including repairs, parts, labor, and installation fees. I’m a little aggravated about the new rules, but nobody is more ticked off than my best friend Joe. Joe was supposed to have a brand new furnace and air conditioner installed next month and I was going to help him with the installation services. We were going to do everything for free using the shop supplies. The boss said we cannot do this anymore and that means that Joe will have to spend an extra $700 to complete the furnace and air conditioner installation job. I’m really aggravated that I won’t be able to have a free tune-up anymore, but I certainly feel terrible for Joe. He is really getting the shaft from the company in the deal.

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How could the hotel have no rooms available?

A couple of months ago, my wife and I decided to go to a hotel and spa for the weekend.

Both of us were excited to get out of the house for two days.

We took the kids to my mom and dad’s house. They were excited to bake cookies with grandma and play games with my dad. They always have fun when they spend time with my parents. My wife and I wish they could spend more time with her mom and dad, but they decided to move south when they retired. It’s a lot harder for us to see them, but we certainly do our best to try. My wife and I are very happy that my mom and dad are close and that they have a great relationship with both of our kids. My wife and I were happy they could have time with them while we had time alone at the hotel and spa. My wife and I checked in on a Friday afternoon. Both of us left work early so we could get to the hotel before dinner time. We were unimpressed with our room as soon as we opened the door. There was a terrible odor coming from the heating and cooling plan. I turned off the heating and cooling plan and the odor stopped. My wife and I marched down to the front desk and we demanded a different room. The clerk at the desk told my wife and I that they did not have any other available rooms. We explained that the foul odor was going to ruin our weekend, but the clerk refused to assign us a different room.

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HVAC cabinet protected this past winter

In our region, the winter weather is the main cause for concern when it comes to the climate. That’s what’s on my mind when it comes to HVAC preparation and all that. Our summer can get a bit toasty for like six, maybe 8 weeks. Until a decade ago, I never had HVAC cooling in my home. Not the home I grew up in nor this house. And I’ve owned this place for going on 30 years. But my wife really wanted to have the cooling component when we replaced the HVAC last. So that’s what we did. And honestly, it’s kind of nice to have a cool home all summer. I didn’t really understand why she wanted one so bad but I get it now. Still, other than those weeks in the summer, I just don’t think about the HVAC cooling unit all that much. My focus is making sure the HVAC furnace is maintained and ready to go when the winter weather starts. This is because we get a pretty vicious winter that lasts almost 6 months if not longer some years. If you’re not prepared for that type of winter, you can find yourself in a bad spot quick. I have a wood stove as a back up for heating. Much of the summer and fall is consumed by putting up wood for the winter. But this year, it finally dawned on me that I need to protect the HVAC cabinet outside the house. So I ordered a hard plastic shell that fits right over the HVAC cabinet. This way, the weight of snow and ice isn’t sitting on it all winter.

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Getting the humidity balanced thanks to HVAC cooling

I don’t know if you’ve ever had to get up to your elbows in bleach and water to clean the effects of mold growth. I have and it ain’t pretty. My uncle who had some emotional troubles once left his house for several months. When he left, he turned the HVAC off. My dad finally found him and got him under a doctor’s care. It was pretty intense for me as I was home from college and had never seen my dad that way. We had to go over to my uncle’s house and get things in order. Since the HVAC was off it was like a hundred degrees in the house. As soon as we opened the door we were nearly knocked over from the odor of mold & mildew. Dad stopped me short from going in. He knew the health hazards involved with that sort of mold outbreak. We actually had to go get respirators in order to get in that house and get after the mold. Eventually, we actually had to have a company come in to finally eradicate the mold. Where we live, the heat & humidity combine to make an environment that is so perfect for mold growth. Without any HVAC cooling, that environment will turn into a complete nightmare like the one we had at my uncle’s house. The HVAC actually balances the humidity level inside the house. Part of the process for the heat pump is removing warm air and exhausting it outside. As it does this, it’s also taking a big chunk of moisture out of the air and exhausting that as well.


Whole house air purifier is the best

I am not into suffering for sufferings sake.

That’s just not how I live my life. The whole martyr thing just sort of makes me sick. And I’ve seen far too much of that in my family. For some reason, it appears there is some sort of default that so many women in my family suffer to make a point. It’s the most passive aggressive nonsense I’ve ever seen. I vowed that I would not be one of those women in my family. If I have to deal with disappointment or manage difficult circumstances, I can do that. However, I’m not going to sit around in the HVAC comfort of my living room simply wringing my hands. That’s just not happening. If there is a solution to a problem, I’m not afraid of pointing in out and actively working toward a solution. This is true at work, at home and with my friends. I don’t suffer in silence hoping have a bunch of guilt to wield on other people’s emotions. What a waste of time. I finally got my sister to confront her husband about something that was just so stupid and yet went on year after year. And all it took was a bit of an HVAC upgrade to correct. My sister suffers from fairly sever allergies. But she does so in the most dramatic way possible. It’s as though this is the only way she can draw attention. It’s pathetic that sympathy is all she thinks she’s worth. The answer was a whole house air purifier. And when I brought it up to her husband at a family gathering he was totally onboard.


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Spring cleaning include HVAC ductwork this year

Once the cleaning crew finishes up with the ducts, they reseal all the joints

We are a busy family of five. This past year has been one that has certainly been unprecedented as far as how much time we have spent inside the HVAC comfort of home. Both my husband and I have had to work remotely from our home office. The kids started out going to school but that didn’t last. They too are learning remotely from the HVAC comfort of home. I thought this would end up with all of us on each other’s nerves all the time. However, it’s actually been pretty good. Seems like we give each other a lot more room and consideration. I hope that is one of the things that stays the same after things get back to the new normal. One thing that is for sure, we are going deep with the spring cleaning this year. The winter is beginning to ease along with those painful HVAC heating costs. That means spring isn’t too far away. Once we can open the doors and windows, we are taking a weekend and cleaning this house to its core. It needs it with all of us in here all the time. This year, I’m going to have the HVAC air ducts cleaned as well. It’s something I have considered in the past but just never got around to. A neighbor had hers done in the fall and she was over the moon with the results. She said not only was the air cleaner and less dust but there was another big benefit. Once the cleaning crew finishes up with the ducts, they reseal all the joints. My neighbor said it saved her 15 percent of her heating bills this winter.


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