A few days of cold weather throws off our furnace

The problem was, my furnace hadn’t been professionally serviced yet for the season

I’m normally the sort of person who is on top of every task. It’s rare that I forget about something or make a mistake when it comes to my responsibilities. I am hyper-vigilant in most cases. However, when I’m thrown off sometimes I also make a mistake like your average person. This is what happened in the past few months when I overestimated how much time I had before winter would settle into our area. I know that global climate change is real and the weather is getting very unpredictable. However, for some reason I believe that I had extra time before I was going to need my forced air furnace to be in tip-top shape. I was more concerned with my central cooling system since the outdoor air temperature had been well into the 90s for the past several months. I never would have anticipated that winter would make an early arrival and my heating system was going to be thrown into gear. Too bad, this is exactly what happened last week. Out of the blue hour air temperature dropped and it felt like winter outside. As such, I had to switch our thermostat from cooling to heating. Suddenly, my furnace was being used to like it was January. The problem was, my furnace hadn’t been professionally serviced yet for the season. My poor forced air furnace was not ready for all of this work. Within two days the heating implement stopped working and I had to call an HVAC specialist for a furnace repair in the middle of August.


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