Apparently size does matter

I was never the kind of person to do my proper research.

  • I know that sounds bad, but I never cared enough to do so, and I just relied on others opinions to decide for me what I should get.

This method would usually work, but it didn’t this time. When I wanted to get a new HVAC system, I asked my friend what kind of A/C I should get. I told him that my main interests were comfort and a cheap price. So he suggested that I get a window A/C. Window A/C are cheap and fairly reliable. I thought it sounded like a great idea, so I had a HVAC tech come out and install one for me. The HVAC specialist warned me that the window air conditioning unit won’t cool my entire home efficiently, but I trusted my friend more than the HVAC professional. I guess I should have known better. Sure enough, the window cooling unit was up and running, but it was only cooling one room, and maybe on a good day, two rooms, rather than my entire house. I complained to the HVAC business, but they told me there was nothing they could do since the HVAC technician already had warned me. So I then went over to my friend’s house and complained about how bad the cooling system worked, and he pointed to his window air conditioner and told me it worked good. It then clicked. Of course the window cooling component was going to work great in his home, he lives in an apartment! His A/C only has too cool a room or two and that’s it, my air conditioner has to cool my entire house! Apparently the size of your HVAC really does matter.


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