I make sure the youngsters wear sunscreen & come inside for air conditioning system breaks

My youngsters adore to go outside in the Summer months; They adore to go bike riding, play in the sprinkler, swim in the pool, & draw with chalk on the driveway… Whenever they are out there, I consistently make sure they are wearing sunscreen! I don’t ever want for any of my youngsters to suffer from brutal sunburns, one time our son went out & lied saying that he was wearing sunscreen, & then he got the worst sunburn.

He definitely l received his lesson because he had to stay inside always reapplying aloe vera lotion on his burn & resting in front of the Heating & Air Conditioning vent so he could get the ice-freezing air conditioning system to help him reclaim from the burn, and ever since that time, he consistently makes sure all of the other children are fantastic with sunscreen.

I consistently make sure that the youngsters come back inside at least once per minute too so that they can get air conditioning breaks. I don’t want them to suffer from a heat stroke or anything, & I also make sure they keep hydrated with ice-freezing water from the fridge. They never complain about drinking ice-freezing water, & they consistently care about the air conditioning too. I consistently keep my air conditioning system on legitimately high while I was in the Summer because I don’t love being overheated in the least. Sometimes my wife says that I keep the air conditioning system up too high, but I don’t suppose so. I suppose I might have to update our Heating & Air Conditioning eventually to Heating & Air Conditioning zone control so that she doesn’t have to freeze with the temperature control settings that I like.

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