I pay more to support the woman-owned shop

Sometimes it’s worthwhile to spend extra money if it is going towards a cause that you believe in.

I honestly never thought that I would be in a position to spend more money than necessary on any given item or service.

For most of my life I have struggled to get by and to cover my most basic bills. That’s why I do my best to give back now that I am in a better financial position. I feel like I can finally contribute to humans that I want to support. This is why I will always call the woman-owned heating and cooling repair shop located across town for my routine air conditioning and furnace repair services. Even if I am in a pickle and require an emergency HVAC repair job, I will preferentially call the woman owned heating, cooling, and air quality control dealership before I try anyone else. If their fleet of expert heating, cooling, and ventilation workers is completely tied up I will still wait for them to be available. I absolutely love giving my money to this air quality control dealership because I love the idea of an all-woman HVAC repair shop. For most of my life I didn’t know a single lady heating, cooling, or air quality control technician. Knowing that there are a few dozen of them right in my own city makes me want to support their cause more than anything. Even if it’s more expensive to hire a woman for the same heating and cooling repair service that a male HVAC technician could perform… I would much rather hand over the extra cash to the underdog. It also doesn’t hurt that their heating and cooling technicians never make me feel uncomfortable for being a woman.