Taking our dog for a walk in the winter

I love our dog Cocoa absolutely much, but taking her for a walk when it is Winter is painful, literally.

I constantly have to bundle myself up in multiple layers of clothes and jackets, and even then the icy wind cuts through our clothes enjoy a knife going through butter, and cocoa, however, doesn’t seem to be affected by the chilly in the least bit, she seems to love it! She will happily jump and roll in the snow, while I trudge through it.

She is unusual because she isn’t even a breed made for the chilly weather, but yet she seems to love it anyway. I used to take her for a walk 3 times a day, but even now that I reduced it down to 2 times, I am still frigid. I legitimately wish that they had a portable oil furnace, kind of enjoy the transportable A/C that you can buy in the summertime. I have yet to hear of anything enjoy that when it comes to heaters, which is a shame, because I could genuinely use a single right now, but every time I come back from a walk, I constantly go straight to our oil furnace and just plop down next to it and soak in the heat. Even with the most efficient heating device, I just can’t seem to stay sizzling enough. I legitimately can’t wait for Spring to return, so that way this awful chilly weather can die down a bit. I am even thinking of buying an outside pen, so that way Cocoa can still get her outdoors exercise and go to the bathroom, but I don’t have to deal with the frigid weather, and I can instead like our extravagant heater.

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