The HVAC specialist is also a martial artist

I did not know this when I first met him, but the HVAC specialist that I work with is also a karate master. I would have never known that the HVAC specialist knew karate. She does not look adore the kind of lady that would know any sort of martial art. I met this HVAC specialist when I first went to school to learn how to be an HVAC specialist. She was also planning on becoming an HVAC specialist. She is a smaller woman who looks certainly humble. The people I was with and I hit it off right away, in addition to the two of us started working in the same HVAC corporation. I tried hanging out with him in private, but it seemed that the two of us were doomed to become work friends only because she was typically so busy during her evenings when she wasn’t working for the HVAC corporation. However, recently, a client tried to attack him while the two of us were working on their ex’s HVAC unit, in addition to I realized how she had been spending her evenings after getting home. She destroyed that guy! I found out that she was a karate master, in addition to she was only working for the HVAC corporation until she could raise enough money to build a dojo. Apparently, she wanted a backup idea as an HVAC specialist so that she would never have to worry about finances when she started her dojo. I know that it is the coolest thing that I have ever heard. I just would have never guessed that the HVAC specialist was a martial artist. I suppose that you can’t judge somebody by their cover.

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