When my phone broke

I have decided that I don’t like my smart thermostat anymore and that I am going to get rid of it! I know that sounds rather crazy since a smart thermostat is the best thermostat someone could possibly have today in terms of technology.

But sometimes that technology is more of a setback and headache than its worth.

What made me decide this was when my cell phone broke the other week. I don’t have a computer, so the cell phone was the only way I could control the smart thermostat. And without my cell phone, the smart thermostat was useless! I had to pretty much use it like a regular digital thermostat. And after doing this for about a week while my cell phone was getting repaired, I realised that the smart thermostat was really useless to me and it was causing me more headache than good. It did not save me any money on energy use because I am home most of the time. So therefore my central heating and air conditioning system is running all the time anyway. I will be going to get myself a regular dial thermostat next weekend when I have some time to go to the store and do so. I am getting rid of this smart thermostat and not looking back. Not to mention, I have had other issues with it too. It was just that the cell phone breaking was the last straw and really opened my eyes to how the smart thermostat is just not something for me or my lifestyle!

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