All of my HVAC workers have been working hard, so I threw a pizza party

I think it’s imperative to boost employee morale in the workplace.

I manage a small but regularly busy cooling appliance repair business.

I have 12 employees working full time and another 4 employees that I use for large commercial jobs that require multiple hands… Recently, sales were through the roof. Then the grocery store manager was tested positive for Covid-19. Three employees also were tested positive for the virus, and then everyone in our little neighborhood that uses the grocery store panicked. The day after the news story, our phone line rang constantly. Everyone had the desire to make an appointment to have quality air purifiers installed. Some folks even called to have the ventilation air duct cleaned and sanitized. The outcry caused a panic and our sales were boosted tremendously. Throughout the month, all of my employees worked long hours. We honestly had fifty percent more sales than our busiest month last year, and nobody grumbled about the extra A/C appliance repairs or the replacement jobs. Every single member of the staff came to the workplace on time and stayed until all the jobs were handled. I was so thankful and impressed by the Heating, Ventilation & A/C appliance crew members and I thought it would be nice to throw a pizza party for the whole group. I ordered pizza from the best brick oven restaurant in the area. I also ordered garlic knots, salads, and cannolis. The employees were actually shocked and I assume it helped boost morale. It feels lovely to realize that you are loved, at your home and in the workplace. We have a relatively long road of medical and economical recovery ahead of us and we certainly won’t get through this virus if we choose not to do the task together.

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