Easy changes for lessening the HVAC kilowatt demand

Attempting different things has been a practice that I have always been really into. I feel that an open mind is so important in order to find what is truly best for a person. I really do my very best to combine free thinking with some routine and structure. A bit of structure is really helpful with having to live within societal norms. The house we live in is in an area where the toughest weather challenge is the heat. Summer is something that can really break you down if you don’t have access to quality and reliable HVAC cooling. But man oh man can that ever be so expensive. The HVAC cooling will run the entire time if you aren’t reigning it in a bit. This led me to mixing in a few changes designed to lower the kilowatt demand on the HVAC system. I started by getting some solar curtains to help stop the direct sun heating. The we had a smart thermostat installed in order to more precisely manage the HVAC. This was a key to making sure that we began saving money on the HVAC. But we took things a bit further. We pushed the HVAC setting up a bit so there wasn’t much than a 15 degree difference between the inside and outside temps. This led me to introducing more fans to our home. With the fans, it feels so much cooler but only costs less than one tenth the kilowatt hours. With all of this we have seen a near 20 percent savings on our summertime HVAC bill.

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