Fast food and good Heating, Ventilation, and A/C

Normally when you waltz into a fast food locale you expect it to be not the greatest in terms of heating and air conditioner.

  • Simply because there are so several ovens and stoves running and the people coming in and out of there, you’d never be able to keep the locale having good temperature control, however this a single fast food locale near where I work somehow has it all figured out.

They have the best central air conditioner in the summer time and the best central heating in the Winter time time months of the year. I go here at least twice a month while on dinner split from our job during the extreme weather seasons. It is entirely fabulous! The central air conditioner is a nice breath of fresh air after walking across the parking lot in the dead heat of summer. The same goes in the Winter time when it is honestly cold. After walking across that parking lot you know enjoy you are going to become an ice block! But the minute you walk into the fast food joint, you will warm up within a minute or more than one. It is honestly amazing to say the least! They don’t even have this good of heating and air conditioner in the locale that I work at, then granted it is ok and reasonable, it just isn’t this powerful or perfect with the temperature control. How this fast food locale does it is beyond me. I will never be able to totally figure it out no matter what. But I am just cheerful it is the way it is.


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