High demand for HVAC machines and extreme delays

My corporation has been facing a long wait for Heating and A/C machine products such as furnaces, A/C machines, & temperature control units. The actual complication is due to Heating and A/C machine products being held up at the shipping distributor. Several employees at the shipping distributor have come down with the coronavirus & they are currently running a single shift instead of three. It pretty much means everything is backed up & production will be slower for a pretty long while. The wait for products such as heat pumps, AC machines, & air cleaners are twice as long as regular. My family & I have been waiting a month for our new A/C machine! All of us ordered the new cooling machine a month ago, right before the coronavirus outbreak got started. All of the items en route to delivery were sent back to the distributor to be cleaned. I’m actually grateful the bunch of us ordered the new cooling machine instead of waiting until the old machine was entirely finished. All of us still have working A/C in our residence, so the unusually long wait time isn’t the biggest deal. My associate uses the same Heating and A/C machine corporation. She has been waiting a few weeks for a nice air purification machine to arrive. They ordered the air purification machine not too long after the start of quarantine. I wonder if the media air cleaner will arrive before the threat of the virus has gone through its cycle. All of us can’t complain very much, because there are millions of workers placing their life on the line to keep the country operating. These brave souls should be receiving a wage increase for their dedication. They are just as important as the doctors & healthcare professionals on the front line.


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