How to get an arm work out

Men and women like to work out different parts of their body.

  • Men always seem to target back, shoulder and arms.

Women are all about butt and legs. I am no exception. My legs are totally sculpted with muscle. My butt has no fat at all, it is a hard rock. I even have pretty impressive abs if I do say so myself. Basically I am all over fit with the exception of my arms. I just have thin arms, not even toned. When I work out I like to do cardio activities or weight lifting for legs. I will run, bike and swim. Sometimes I jump rope or I will do some squats. I never make it a point to do push ups, hold planks or lift free weights. I just hate working my arms. Recently I have been going to a gym because I haven’t been able to motivate myself. The physical training class I take is all geared toward arm workouts. Thankfully the personal trainer doesn’t have me do stuff I could and don’t do at home. For starters there is a lot of equipment we use that I don’t have. There are battle ropes, kettlebells, medicine balls and weighted poles to play with. Second, I get a partner to toss a ball back and forth, tug on a rope or just to motivate me. It is really nice having someone else push me to keep going. Lastly, I love my class since I know for a fact that I am not damaging my arms or doing an exercise wrong. The personal trainer ensures I am being safe.


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