I need to be able to catch myself

For a long time I simply said I was an academic and I never worked out.

I put on a bit of weight as I aged but it didn’t really bother me.

I was recently at a conference for work and stayed the night in a hotel room. Getting out of the shower proved to be tricky. I slipped on the edge of the tub and went down hard. I ended up hitting my head bad enough that I had to be rushed to the hospital. I was upset that my incident cost me money and was super embarrassing. I realized that if I would have been able to catch myself in a push up position, I would have been fine. Since I was so out of shape, I ended up really injuring myself and missing days of work. Ever since that incident I have been going to the core progression near me. The gym offers physical training classes led by a certified fitness expert. The personal trainer is great at what he does. I am learning to hold my own body weight in many different positions. I have learned the importance of stretching, maintaining muscle and balance. I don’t do anything hardcore like jump rope or run on a treamdile, but I feel better already. All the exercises have been good for my body and I feel so much healthier everyday. Maybe I will eventually work out to try to cut weight rather than just tone myself. Currently I am just happy that I might be able to hold my own body mass in a plank.

Cross fit gym