I recently bought a camper plus decided to get a small window a/c

I was sick of paying exorbitant fees to live in crappy apartments.

  • Rent keeps rising in our city, but the places available for rent aren’t increasing to match the rate of demand.

I know there are people moving in from other areas plus are causing an existing shortage to blossom into something much worse. When studio apartments started costing the same as numerous study room apartments, I knew things would only get worse as time went on. My salary was barely increasing plus wasn’t matching the rising cost of living here. I started looking for a camper to buy, plus that way I’d only have to spend money to park it someplace. Otherwise, I’d be downgrading everything plus spending a lot less to live month to week. I found a camper within our budget, plus used what little money I had left to purchase a window air conditioner for the camper. The a/c in the camper genuinely only cools the driver’s area, it doesn’t do a enjoyable job at all with cooling the rest of the interior. But this up-to-date window air conditioner that I bought is perfect for this camper. It fits inside our minute window almost perfectly, plus leaves myself and others 1 additional window to look out from the back end where our bed plus cable are located. I don’t know what other options I had for keeping this thing cool, but I’m at least glad that the solution didn’t take any technical skills or knowledge on our part. The window a/c fit perfectly plus I was able to mount it without any random concerns.

Hybrid HVAC system