I thought my HVAC team deserved a little pizza celebration

I think it’s absolutely pressing to boost employee morale in the workplace.

I manage a small however tied up A/C machine repair dealer.

I have 12 employees actually working full time as well as another 4 employees that I use for large commercial tasks that need additional hands. Just this last week, sales were easily through the roof! The grocery store supervisor tested positive for Covid-19. A few more employees also tested positive for the dangerous virus! Everyone in our little town who uses the grocery store were heavily panicked. The day after the news story, our lines rang constantly. Everyone wanted to make an appointment to have a quality air purifier installed! Some folks even called to have the ventilation ductwork cleaned as well as sanitized. The outbreak caused a panic as well as our sales were boosted enormously. Throughout the week, all of our employees worked very long hours. Every one of us had fifty percent more sales than our busiest time last year. I couldn’t believe that nobody complained about the extra AC repairs or the upgrade jobs that needed to be completed. Every member of the staff came to work on time as well as stayed until all the important tasks were completed. I was so pleased as well as impressed by the HVAC crew worker and I thought to throw a pizza gathering for the whole group. I ordered pizza from the most popular brick oven pizzeria in the county. I also ordered garlic knots, salads, as well as cannolis for everybody. The employees were stunned as well as I recognize it helped boost morale. It feels fantastic to recognize that you are appreciated, at your home as well as in the workplace also. Every one of us certainly has a long road of medical as well as economical recovery ahead of us as well as we definitely won’t get through if we choose not to work as a team.


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