Learning to run better

For years I used to skp running for a workout because I was so bad at it.

I would constantly have neck pain, side cramps and irritated skin on my inner thighs.

I never seemed to go all that fast either. Online says that an in shape person should be able to do 10 minute miles. It was always a struggle to do ten minute miles and I was more than in shape. I stretch everyday and do a wide variety of cardio activities. I swim, bike and kayak. I am toned all over and fit. Eventually I decided to tackle my running issue. It made no sense how bad I was at it. Like with anything else, practice makes perfect and a little instruction goes a long way. I found a health and fitness center that offers personal training. I got a private session with a certified fitness expert and I only wanted to run better. The fitness expert saw my issue immediately. The problem wasn’t how good of shape I was in. It wasn’t an issue with my build or anything like that. I simply had very short strides. Instead of running from the hip to the toe, I ran from my knee down. My thighs then rubbed together creating that red rash I was so familiar with. Smaller strides means I don’t go as far or as quick as I should. I also had bad posture and poor breathing which was causing neck pain and side cramps. For months the instructor worked on making me move and act like a runner. Now I can run 8 minute miles without a hitch.

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