Tagless printing machines

Tagless printing came about quite awhile.

Some of it had to do with making clothing more comfortable for the consumer.

The biggest reason for tagless printing was the cost of production. Tagless printing is the process of printing the care instructions, sizing, and brand names onto clothing, and other materials. It is much cheaper to do tagless printing than to use actual labels. Labels need to be ordered, printed and then delivered. The company then needs to pay someone to sew the labels inside the product. Tagless printing takes a lot of labor, and steps out of the process. The process, consumables cost, and costs of the tearaway labels made apparel manufacturers yearn for a new solution..There are several machines available that can do the tagless printing. They differ from the type of product you are printing. As with any printer, you need to upload the information you want printed onto the product. Once the upload is finished, you also input the size of the print area, and other information. The printer will position the product and print the information. Unlike with a label that needs to be sewn in, there is no clipping of labels to stop irritation. There are also times when important care labels are torn out of the clothing by frustrated buyers. There is no label to cause any damage if it is ripped. The information is permanent and it can’t do any harm to the product. For all of these reasons, many manufacturers have made the move from labels to tagless printing.


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