The winery

I went on an interesting day trip with my wife the other day.

We went to visit this really famous local winery in the area. It had been something we have been meaning to do for a long time but just had not had the chance. They have tours and they show you the secret to their legendary wine. One thing that me and my wife were really amazed by was how they said that central air conditioning is one of the major secrets to having the perfect wine that they do. They run the central air conditioning system all year round at assorted temperatures on the thermostat to ensure perfect climate control to keep the wine fresh as it is being bottled and stored prior to shipments. Even in the freezing cold winter months they have the central air conditioning running at a certain temperature and the workers in the winery just wear heavy winter jackets while they are working. While this is not the best indoor comfort that time of year, they all understand why it has to be and are real troopers about it. I think it’s pretty gosh darn cool to tell you the honest to god truth! My wife was nearly as impressed as I was with the whole process of central air conditioning being the main secret to the freshness of their legendary wine that they make in the winery. Now that we’ve taken the tour it isn’t something we will ever need to do again, but wow, what an education!

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